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“Outsourcing means that a specialised external company is responsible for all of a company’s logistics, i.e. the storage, preparation and transport of goods. Subcontracting logistics means benefiting from a specialised partner’s knowledge, expertise and experience. The right partners can be powerful allies in business prospecting. Together they can be even stronger, better and more profitable. As clients grow, logistics providers grow with them. Recognising Olicargo’s importance in managing your supply chain, today’s publication outlines some of the reasons why you should reconsider Logistics Outsourcing.

1. Deep knowledge of warehouse management systems, critical to the integration and implementation of solutions into customer systems.

2. Continuous improvement: teams that are equipped with highly sophisticated resources that allow them to produce reports and to dedicate themselves on an ongoing basis to the monitoring and improvement of the processes.

3. Increasing efficiency: Specialists with expertise in the supply chain who can develop efficiency and better prepare for demand volatility.

4. Greater flexibility: the subcontracted space is adapted to your needs, whether you have more or less goods.

5. Easily test new markets and distribution locations without investing in new facilities and resources.

6. Reduction in indirect costs: There will be no need to invest in premises, warehouses, systems, technologies, staff and security measures.

7. Reduced costs associated with security and liability.

8. Focus on what matters: By delegating the management of logistics operations, you can focus on your core business, pooling efforts and ideas.

9. Access to technology: Outsourcing logistics services gives you greater access to new technologies, such as real-time inventory updates.

10. Experienced and qualified team capable of handling peaks in demand.

Supply chain management is a highly demanding and complex task. It requires careful and expert work. If you want to develop this job at the highest level without spending time, money and internal resources, partnering with Olicargo is the right choice. With strategic locations throughout mainland Portugal, Olicargo is ready to help you get results more efficiently. Get in touch with us today and plan your visit to the platforms that are closest to you.


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