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The National Day of the People’s Republic of China is celebrated every year on the 1st of October. To celebrate, Chinese people enjoy an extended “holiday” that lasts for 7 days, from 1 to 7 October, which is called “Golden Week”.

During this time, festivals are held across the country and Chinese people take the opportunity to travel to their hometowns, visit family or simply take a break from work and enjoy travelling.

However, China is one of the largest and most important markets in the world, so the Chinese holidays are seen by logistics operators as a kind of “rush hour” challenge to international trade, directly affecting global imports and exports.

But do you know how to avoid delays and restrictions when shipping your goods to China? Read this post!

How can Golden Week affect my shipments?

As there is high demand to ship goods to China before the holidays, equipment capacity is reduced and air and sea freight prices soar.

But what happens throughout this week ?

  • Industries shut down.
  • Labour is scarce on the docks and in the ports.
  • Loading and unloading takes longer, causing congestion in ports.
  • Pressure on supply chains increases, potentially causing delays.
  • The availability of trucks, aircraft and vessels is very low.
  • Space capacity of equipment is very limited.

And what can I do in preparation for Golden Week?

  • Plan the transport of your goods in advance.
    • Ocean freight: Book 3-4 weeks before Golden Week.
    • Air Freight: Book 1 week before Golden Week.
  • Communicate the expected delivery date of the shipment.
  • Send the most urgent loads first.
  • Be flexible with transit times to reduce shipping costs.

At Olicargo, our aim is to respond quickly and efficiently to any disruptions that may occur along the way. We keep you up to date with the latest developments and anticipate unforeseen events that may occur. Set your Golden Week strategy and navigate the supply chain with confidence!


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