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Have you ever driven behind a truck that was carrying a container? Did you notice that the container was marked on the door with different numbers and letters?

Containers are a safe and efficient way to transport a wide range of different types of cargo. Identification and verification of goods carried by ships is therefore facilitated by the use of mandatory markings proposed by BIC in 1969 and standardised by ISO since 1972.

In this article you can check the meaning of the abbreviations used on the container markings.

  1. High Cube Warning
  2. Classification Society
  3. Owner Details
  4. Warning/Handling Instructions
  5. CSC (Commercial Companies Code) / ACEP (Approved Continuous Examination Program)
  6. Container Identification: BIC Code + Check Digit
  7. Size + Type
  8. Gross Weight
  9. Tare Weight
  10. Max Payload
  11. Capacity in Volume
  12. Height Warning
  13. Manufacturer Details


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