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Specialized solutions for businesses that move on wheels

Due to its culture of quality, innovation and rigor, the automotive industry is a vital industry for the economy.. Pioneer in the development of production lines and assembly chains, the automotive industry implemented and replicated processes that make this sector one of the main users of reverse logistics solutions today. From the factory to the dealership, whether components or new vehicles, Olicargo designs integrated and customized logistics solutions that meet the just-in-time requirements that the automotive industry demands.

Optimising stock and investment costs, synchronising the delivery of components from different markets and increasing storage efficiency are some of Olicargo’s commitments to this export-oriented sector.


  • Multimodal Solutions
  • Express Deliveries and/or Pickups (National and International)
  • Track & Trace
  • Components Pickup and Transportation
  • Components Warehousing and Order Preparation
  • Just in Time solutions (deliveries to production lines, urgent orders, returns and stock management)
  • Stock and Returns Management (order errors, stock, product under warranty...)
  • Quality Control
  • Cargo Insurance adjusted to different needs