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We want to be your timeless trend

Fashion is cyclical, depends on trends and for that reason is quite ephemeral, presenting a need for constant reinvention.

Globalized market, international trade, new generation of textile products, highly innovative processes and new scientific knowledge are challenges that have allowed Olicargo to provide consumers a new experience.

Na Olicargo acompanhamos de perto as exigências do setor, como tal desenvolvemos soluções logísticas tailor made e just-in time projetadas para darem resposta à procura global e às rápidas mudanças do comportamento do consumidor.

Specialized Solutions for Fashion E-commerce

Returns and free shipping policy, the convenience of trying on clothes without leaving home and low prices have increased and the e-commerce flow. All these operations, which involve multiple distribution channels, increase the complexity of logistics processes and are part of an increasingly personalized strategy.

Regardless of the daily and seasonal fluctuations of orders, and the mode of transport, with Olicargo you can optimize the management of your international shipments. We ship goods from anywhere in the world directly to the customer, ensuring quality control, stock levels, transport monitoring and compliance with deadlines.

- 15,000 m2 of warehouse space dedicated to e-commerce.


  • Multimodal Solutions
  • Express Deliveries and/or Pickups (National and International)
  • Track & Trace
  • Returns Management and Optimization
  • Adjustable Racks
  • Hanging Goods Transportation
  • Flexible Management of Daily Peaks and Seasonal Variations
  • Efficient Small Order Processing
  • Delivery in Warehouses and POS
  • Reverse Logistics
  • Event Logistics for Fairs and Exhibitions
  • Cross-Docking Solutions to manage your multi-vendor and consolidate your orders by store
  • Control, Classification, Packaging, Labelling and Consolidation according to each distribution channel type
  • Cargo Insurance adjusted to different needs