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The success of a business is also measured by its "health"

Olicargo is the point of connection between the pharmaceutical industry and its customers, ensuring that these goods, which require special care in their handling, reach their final destination in the most appropriate conditions, ensuring their risk-free consumption.

Respect and strict compliance with each stage of the process, namely packaging and refrigeration standards, are crucial to guarantee the provision of a service with maximum efficiency and, consequently, the good condition and quality of these products.


  • Multimodal Solutions
  • Consolidation and Transportation Services (Origin/Destination)
  • Express Deliveries and/or Pickups (National and International)
  • Track & Trace
  • Flow Management between Factories and Distribution Centers
  • Scheduled Delivery
  • Temperature Controlled Solutions (Active and Passive)
  • Transportation of Psychotropic Substances and Cannabis in high-security conditions in accordance with the European Regulations in force
  • Medical Devices and Dietary Supplements Transportation
  • GDP and ISO Certifications (ongoing)
  • Cargo Insurance adjusted to different needs