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Social Responsibility and Sustainability

Commitments that never run out

Always present in our agenda, Sustainability and Social Responsibility are commitments in which we are continuously, increasingly and consciously investing, occupying a prominent place in our policy of values and principles. In active cooperation with partners and stakeholders, all practices aim to ensure balance in the different dimensions - social, environmental, and economic - along the entire value chain of the business.


Involve and invest in people and the community, promoting a culture of diversity, inclusion, reduction of social inequalities, and the right to access to essential living conditions, with the purpose of actively contributing to a better quality of life, locally and globally.


To make our services happen with the greatest effectiveness and the least possible impact on the environment, acting as a transforming agent in which all business areas are in perfect synergy and function in a circular process.


To promote development and growth based on transparency, honesty, and good governance and monitoring practices, through a management model that creates cohesion and makes a positive contribution to the provisioning of resources for future generations.

Change the world starting by changing our own

Committed to ethical and responsible behavior, we seek to contribute to the protection of the environment and the well-being of communities, benefiting the world and consequently all of us.

Hence Olicargo supports continuously several causes believing that "small" gestures can make the difference.

We aim to become a sustainably efficient logistics operator, with special focus on people, planet, and the good use of resources. The result? A happier world, happier people and happier lives!