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Why Work at Olicargo

The Organizational Culture that characterizes us...

We believe in a culture of proximity leadership, teamwork and mutual help. Where the word WE comes before the word I, and everyone works for a common objective superior to individual interests, celebrating the achievements of eachother, facing and overcoming adversity together and believing that it is always possible to be a better version of ourselves. Because alone we can go faster but together we go further!

Attract and retain talent

As important as the results we achieve are the opportunities and experiences we provide.

Communication culture

An informal, welcoming and multidisciplinary team, centred on collaboration.

Diversity and inclusion

Profiles from different generations, with different backgrounds, experiences and perspectives that add energy, diversity, creativity, innovation and differentiation to the team, contributing to an expansion of horizons.

Opportunities for everyone

We believe in the potential for continuous development of technical and behavioral skills. For this reason we provide our people tools that enhance their evolution and career progression.

Work-Life balance

We seek to provide our team a flexible organizational climate, allowing us to balance and reconcile personal activities and work goals. In this way, we intend to contribute to a greater professional and personal fulfillment, increasing the “level” of happiness and well-being (this is the result of a Policy based on the sum of a Financial Salary with an Emotional Salary).

We are made of exceptional people who daily leave their comfort zone with energy and a high level of professionalism, surpassing goals and objectives. If you have attitude and want to make your mark on Olicargo, come and be part of this team! Together we will make the difference!